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Tuorla area

Tuorla Planetarium, KaarinaTuorla is a historical site along the old King’s Road. In the area, there is a planetarium for you to see the wonders of stars, and you can also stay overnight at Tuorlan Majatalo hostel. Tuorla is one of the medieval estates and manors locateed in Kaarina.

Planetarium and Observatory

Tuorla Planetarium shows spectacular films about astronomical phenomena and the stars in the sky. The films are suitable for families with children. Additionally, there are guided tours, lectures and tailored activities for groups.

The weekly presentation hours, opening hours and other information are available at the Planetarium website.

Tuorlan Majatalo and the manor

Tuorlan Majatalo is a restaurant and hostel that provides delicious lunches and bakery products, a pleasant overnight stay in a peaceful environment, as well as catering and meeting services.  For more information, visit Tuorlan Majatalo.

  • More information about the history of the manor is available at Tuorla Manor.

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